Machine operator Jahn Steinar kneels in front of his yellow forestry machine surrounded by trees and woodland.

Case study shows that switching to INTELLilight™ can improve operator health and aid concentration.

Machine operator Jahn Steinar has been plagued by headaches throughout his years working in the forest. The headaches would come during the many hours working in the dark but were particularly severe during winter when the white snow would reflect back the intense light from the lamps. However, since the Norwegian logging company Næsbø Skog adopted TYRI’s INTELLilight lighting system, Jahn’s recurring headaches have completely disappeared.

Jahn Steinar is 41 and has been involved in the tree felling industry for 22 years. Initially, he began his career in Norway with another organisation but soon joined Næsbø Skog after just one year. He has remained with Næsbø Skog ever since and thoroughly enjoys his work, except for the headaches. During the previous winter, Næsbø Skog invested in a brand-new harvester, a John Deere 1270G, installed with TYRI’s INTELLilight lighting system, an innovative lighting system that allows the user to control each light individually, or as a group, through a mobile app. This innovative lighting system enables the user to adjust the light’s brightness and colour temperature. Furthermore, personal preferences for different drivers can be easily set and changed via the app or remote control.

“The headaches disappeared immediately. When I received my new John Deere harvester last winter, which was equipped with INTELLilight from TYRI, there was already snow in the forest and usually a working day would give me a headache, but thanks to the new lighting system, it never came. Above all, I think it’s about being able to set the colour temperature of the lighting. In a white landscape, the light reflects strongly therefore it makes a very big difference if you can have a warmer light. It was the crisp white light that I used to get headaches from. But now with softer and warmer lighting, it’s completely gone,” says Jahn Steinar.

Per Arne Torstensson at TYRI can confirm this based on his knowledge of how we are affected by different types of light. He is an Optics Engineer at TYRI and works to optimize the optical experience of TYRI’s various lamps and lighting systems.

“When there is snow on the ground, the white snow reflects ‘too much’ light back and the operator becomes dazzled while the contours of the environment become harder to see. This causes the operator to tense the eye muscles, which in turn causes tension headaches, as well as tension in the shoulders and neck. With a warmer illumination, the reflections will not be as strong. Even the contours come out more clearly and you do not need to squint or increase concentration to see properly and perform a good job. As I understand it, Jahn has also worn glasses since a young age. This, together with the fact that he is now getting older when his vision naturally changes, makes it even more important to have the right lighting to avoid headaches and other problems that can come with it,” says Per Arne.

Jahn says, “I’ve been in the industry for so long, so I’ve seen halogen bulbs switch to LED, and now there’s also a lighting system where I can choose exactly how I want the lighting! The new harvester has 34 lights which I can set precisely to suit my preferences. What I would like to see in the future is that the lighting system itself compensates when it gets darker outside, so the lighting becomes stronger”, Jahn Steinar concludes.

Last winter, Næsbø Skog also installed INTELLilight onto an EcoLog 580F harvester. The two machines are currently being tested and the lighting system will be evaluated shortly.

However, this personal endorsement from Jahn gives us a great insight into how INTELLilight can improve operator wellbeing in the cab throughout the year.