Valtra has launched the sixth generation of the S-Series, nicknamed “The Boss”. This powerful tractor’s eye-catching design enhances performance whilst creating a strong brand identity and desirability. Working as an OEM design partner, the specially designed lighting from TYRI is one of the design elements that really makes “The Boss” stand out. It combines driving lights, DRLs (Day Running Light), and integrated work lights all within one single unit.

Valtra’s sixth-generation S-Series combines form and function using a modern and dynamic design language. The sleek curvature of the bonnet provides exceptionally good forward visibility, also the S-Series is the first in the industry to feature a fully integrated light unit, incorporating state-of-the-art LED main/low beam, with LED daytime running lights and LED front work lights.

As an OEM Design Partner developing this integrated front-lighting unit for Valtra, TYRI had to involve the entire company’s lighting expertise. The specification from Valtra was clear, expectations were high, and the result was impressive according to Valtra themselves.

“The result was an unprecedentedly high level of light output, which gives our sixth generation of the S Series a very distinctive look,” says Kimmo Wihinen, Valtra’s Head of Industrial Design and User Experience.

2 Valtra S-Series tractors, with lights designed and built by TYRI, plough a green field on a sunny day.
Prestigious Assignment

For TYRI, it was a prestigious assignment becoming an OEM Design Partner for Valtra and developing the lighting for the new S-Series. Developing an approved driving light according to the existing requirements specification was challenging with the development work taking almost two years.

“It was a really exciting challenge where the entire company collaborated to create the best possible lighting without compromising on design and user experience. There were many challenges, including avoiding glare on the hood from the work lights. By crossing the light beams from the lighting on the roof, we succeeded in this, and we are very proud of how the final delivery turned out,” says Anders Wärnman, Sales Manager at TYRI Sweden.

In the Unlimited version of Valtra’s S-Series, TYRI’s intelligent lighting system INTELLilight is also available as an option.

About Valtra:

Valtra Inc. develops, manufactures, markets and services Valtra tractors, each of which is designed to specifically meet the customer’s individual needs. Known for their versatility and reliability, Valtra tractors are built to withstand a demanding climate and guarantee top performance in the toughest working conditions. Valtra is a global brand of AGCO and the leading tractor manufacturer in the Nordic countries, as well as one of the most popular brands in Latin America.

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