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Material Handling


Working with our customers we have developed a range of work lights that complement your material handling equipment. These innovations provide you with the right solution to help you make the most from your environment.

We have a range of work lights which not only sit on the cab of your forklifts, but also on the mast, ensuring light is not obstructed by the forks rising and lowering.

Our latest innovation addresses safety concerns in a warehouse environment – the BluePoint LED light.  This marker light shines a coloured square on to the floor either behind or in front of the forklift and gives a visual warning of a machine approaching.  This is particularly useful in a noisy environment where sirens may not be enough. Our steering wheel collection also complements the material handling truck to provide comfort and control, allowing the driver to skilfully move around the warehouse.

Suggested Products

1010 BluePoint

sectors 1010-BluePoint copy

Designed to increase safety and minimise the risk of accidents around machinery, TYRI Lights has developed the BluePoint LED 4.

The coloured concentrated light beam displays a large and visible square on the floor in front or behind the machine to alert workers there is a machine approaching.

Dimensions: 106mm x 106mm x 85.20mm Effective Lumen: 248 Lumen Number of LED’s: 4 LEDs Voltage: 9v – 60v



sectors 1010-BluePoint copy

The mid-range offering of the VL series, the VL4 has a streamline design for machines with 12-48 volt systems offering 600 effective lumen lights with four LED’s.

The VL4 is available with a thru bolt mount and a bracket mount to easily tilt the light at any time to shine light where it is needed.

Dimensions: 164mm x 33.9mm x 61mm Effective Lumen: 900 Lumen Number of LED’s: 4 LEDs Voltage: 9v – 60v


360mm Steering wheel

The 360 soft feel Polyurethane steering wheel is the mid-sized wheel in the P.A. Thorpe range.  This wheel is moulded in Polyurethane for a truly comfortable feel.

Diameter: 360mm Rim Height: 111mm Column Hub Fittings: 36 or 48 Teeth / Key-Way




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