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The forestry environment offers a very unique set of challenges for both machinery and lighting. TYRI work lights have been built to illuminate the forest and ensure that you are able to continue to work safely.

Working with OEM’s, we are able to design a work light that will sit perfectly on your machine and provide the maximum usable light to the area you need it the most.  Using the latest technology, we take a view of the actual vehicle design along with any of its parts which may obstruct the light. This, coupled with a view of the terrain and application, we are able to determine and design the best possible solution to your lighting requirement.

Our aftermarket products are designed to fit seamlessly on to your machine and provide a bright, powerful light where you need it.

Our Steering Wheel collection provides a comfortable grip with their “Soft Feel” polyurethane moulding, produced from the latest textured polyurethane which also gives the wheels their stylish appearance. Their wide contoured rim ensures the Driver’s comfort and control.

As the UK and Ireland DOGA partner we can provide you with custom or standard wiper blades, wiper motors and washer bottles which ensure your vision is clear, no matter the weather.

Suggested Products

TYRI 1010

sectors 1010-BluePoint copy

Designed for installation with a bracket or flush mount, this flexible light can be installed in a variety of applications.

The 1010 LED 8, with 1450 effective lumen light, is ideal in applications where additional lighting is needed with the reduced potential for glare.

Dimensions: 106mm x 106mm x 85.20mm Effective Lumen: 2500, 3000, 3200, 4000 Lumen Number of LED’s: 4, 6, 10


TYRI 1313

sectors 1010-BluePoint copy

Powerful and adaptable, the 1313 LED is typically used on large construction and mining vehicles. It is available with two output options, the highest of which produces 4400 effective lumen and multi voltage options for vehicles using 12-24 volt systems.

Dimensions: 131mm x 131mm x 120mm Effective Lumen: 3300 or 4400 Lumen Number of LED’s: 24 LEDs. Voltage: 9v – 32v


TYRI 1010 X4

sectors 1010-BluePoint copy

The 1010 X4 generates a powerful 2700 effective lumen output with high beam light pattern ideal for use as a drive light or thinning light. The tough and unique design of the reflector sets this light apart from the competition.

Dimensions: 106.6mm x 106.6mm x 97.15mm Effective Lumen: 2700 Lumen Number of LED’s: 4 LEDs. Voltage: 9v – 32v


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