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Blue LED light from TYRI decreases accidents

As part of the TYRI range of warning lights, the D8 BluePoint increases safety and minimises the risk of accidents around machinery. This industry leading concept allows safety to be visual instead of relying solely on sirens and alarms, especially in noisy environments where hearing is difficult. The LED light projects a coloured, concentrated light beam as a large, visible square on the floor in front or behind the machine. This early warning signal alerts workers that there is a machine approaching. Download datasheet

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TYRI Lights – helping keep the roads clear

Sälen in central Sweden, is one of the country’s leading ski resorts and receives more than its fair share of snowfall. Keeping the town open and functioning during the winter months is one of their biggest challenges. See how TYRI intelligent lighting solutions are providing the vehicle lighting which is helping to keep Sälen’s roads clear. Download Case Study

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TYRI Lights – helping make par

Golf can be a frustrating game especially if the greens are not well maintained and shown the care and attention they deserve. In Stevens Point, USA, they don’t have this issue as TYRI Intelligent Lighting Solutions are helping to give accurate illumination required for the precision cut each green needs. Download Case Study

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TYRI Lights – Brightening up the Forest

Remote locations, 100% of the time outdoors, adverse weather conditions and long hours, working in the forestry industry is pretty tough. During the long winter months viability is reduced making working conditions even harder! Click on the link below to see how TYRI intelligent lighting solutions are providing high performance lighting on forestry machinery enabling productive work to continue when the natural light fades. Download Case Study

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